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Cleaning a castle. Who knew my life would be so… interesting.Ali decorating Estate at Destiny RIdge

Ali preps Estate

Note the empties… Some pretty terrific company if I do say so myself.


Let’s just say that it takes a lot of grit to accomplish glamour. Oh and grout too.  But you know, cleaning is a skill in my wheelhouse so I pulled my hair into a pony and got busy right after I got off the phone with a wine writer and  before we hosted the WA Wine Commission’s media tour guests for our inaugural guests to debut of “The Estate”.

Estate at Destiny Ridge           “The Estate” was purchased this fall from our treasured friend Hope.


I lovingly refer to it as “The house that Hope built” although we’ve officially renamed it “The Estate at Destiny Ridge”.  Somehow “The house that Hope built” seems to fit for me.

She had a vision, a dream for this iconic masterpiece (of which I feel intimidated to decorate) and me well… I have hope for it’s future.  Wanting to enhance her masterpiece in hopes making her proud of us! My inner five year old feels so intimidated. I guess I’ve officially met my decorating match!

In my heart I know that it’s already wonderful and there’s nothing I can do to take away from her creation but in my head I have countless ideas for it, all of which are expensive AND did I mention I’m married to a farmer?  Sidebar. we live on the farm which is about an hour away from your nearest retail store and even further from a Restoration Hardware. Oh, how I love that place. Their catalogs call my name and destroy my budget.  Case and point here….ahhhh.

catalog inspiration
IMG_0881Catalog inspiration

That mirror though…


So back to the subject at hand, mi vida loca. Last week we hosted our team as well as some of our treasured Wine Club members at the house and gave them tours of the undecorated and unfurnished Estate while in my spare time (haha) I was working on finding, purchase, pulling together, hanging and beginning the decorating of this  HUGE and I mean HUGE house.  Oops, I mean “Estate”. I’m trying to train myself to call it by it’s new name.  It’s a process much like it’s decorating and it will happen.  I’m just sure of it. Sweating… Sweating… Then, with the help our vineyard & winery team we made it came together. Sheets, beds, towels, pictures, plates and pretties galore.

Pops helping to decorate Estate


My incredible father in law, Ross (aka Pops) patiently propping pictures.

staff tour of Estate

Jared W checking out the Master Suite bathtub during our team tour.


Later that evening before we headed out to the dinner I took a moment to breath and while standing around the bar sipping Alberino I savored a small victory as Matt & Will chatted with Makayla & Mary and the evening sun flooded the living room.  It was a wonderful moment quickly followed by a rapid trip home to change for dinner then off head off to our media dinner at Canoe Ridge (man that place is gorgeous). Thankfully the feeling lingered throughout dinner as we sipped on wines from our neighboring vineyards and wineries and toasted to the Horse Heaven Hills 10th anniversary as an AVA.  Nothing like toasting to a decade to give you perspective.

Watch out folks we’re in double digits now!

I went to bed feeling happy about successfully pulling off a visit from the wine commission’s media for Taste Washington and the chance to get to enjoy the company of some media moguls in the process. My personal favorite (aside from the WA Wine Comm team, of course) was Mary Cressler who appealed to my love of nacho’s as she told us about her Treager Grill recipe competition! Isn’t it funny the things that can bond you? Wine, sunshine and nachos!  Yes, please!  If you agree please feel free to cast your vote for Mary here  Traeger Competition .  Good Luck Mary!  We are rootin’ for ya!

wine writers tour Estate

Matt, Mary, Will and Makyla enjoying the view from The Estates’ Great Room.


It may have been the wine but regardless, the house that Hope built’s, first round of guests left me feeling encouraged and inspired.

Stay tuned for more fun with “The Estate” this spring and summer.  Until next time….

A Winemakers Wife
It’s raining outside.

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