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We pride ourselves on providing “cutting edge” experiences for our wine club members, family & friends and we know you want to be provided the best experiences we can possibly give you. With that in mind we are constantly coming up with new ideas.

Sometimes these ideas grow from a tiny idea to a Tiny House.

Tiny House Big Living HGTV

We are thrilled that we will be appearing coverage on HGTV Tiny House, Big Living. So turn on the television or press the record button! On Monday, August 3, you can watch the transformation of our previous glamping experience into a much more upscale “tiny house” experience for our wine club members to enjoy. It should air at either 6:30pm or 9pm, just check your local listings as we know things vary depending upon where you live etc.

Jarrod and Ali enjoying a glass of wine in front of the Glamping tent. #TBT

In March, the former tent platforms were removed to make room for the building of two tiny houses as part of building competition between two construction companies, Elite Construction of Kennewick, Washington and Finishing Touches of Renton, Washington.

Just a little “trash” talking between builders and winemaker, Jarrod Boyle.

We love a good battle, so we pitted builder against builder and let the nails fall where they may. With the only criteria for the houses being that each house includes wine on tap, red roofs to match the winery, and a complete kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. “What they created far exceeded our expectations” Jarrod Boyle, Winemaker and CEO stated. “Hoping to give their wine club members a world class experience is the goal” Ali Boyle, Namesake, Marketing Director, and Winemakers Wife the title she lovingly shows on her business card.

Although it was a competition between builders, there times when they all worked together. Here both crews are raising the first wall on the Finishing Touches Tiny House.

Both tiny houses are unique, beautiful in their own right, and true to tiny house standards no more than 400 square feet.  With Terence L. Thornhill, Architect, helping ensure that the Elite house was decked out in ultra modern design with high-end multimedia twists and turns while the Finishing Touches house actually boasts a twisting roofline. This small family business known for creating “stairs for the stars” in the Seattle area, took on the challenge having never built a house from start to finish. Along the way they  created one of the most unique rooflines ever to be seen in a tiny home, they also incorporated many repurposed materials which is in keeping with the tiny house mantra reduce, reuse, recycle.

Tiny House Nation stars Jenna Spesard and Guillaume Dutilh joined us as they selected their Tiny House winner.

As the two week long competition plays out viewers will get to experience the real life exhaustion of both builder and maker as they strive to create the very best for their members.

A Tiny House inside the winery.

A tiny house dwelling couple (Jenna & Guillaume) of Tiny House Giant Journey chose the HGTV program’s winner of the competition. However, in the eyes of Alexandria Nicole Cellars, the winner has not yet been chosen until their wine club members vote on Facebook (www.facebook.com/ancwine) for their favorite and the winner will be announced at their Harvest Party on August 29.


The Tiny Houses are available to rent on our website www.anctinyhouses.com. Wine Club Members receive an additional 20% discount off of the rental fee.


To learn more about becoming a wine club member visit the website or stop into one of their three tasting rooms in one of  Prosser, Woodinville, and Paterson, Washington.

Alexandria Nicole Cellars Tiny House Press Release