“Our biggest excitement is for this show to get started because we miss you and can’t wait to begin to see you again. We’re choosing to call this blockbuster, “Nowhere-Near-Normal,” and in the days and weeks ahead we will do our best to make it a light-hearted comedy where safety-conscious wine-lovers can gather and enjoy the silver linings, as we learn together to cherish the gifts of the present!” 

~Ali & Jarrod


"nowhere near normal"

The A-Team has pulled out all the stops to make this socially distant release as fun as possible.

Bookmark this page and spend some time exploring our interactive content that we’ve designed to compliment the new wines and provide an opportunity for you to create a full at-home experience!


Step 1. Taste with the Team. 
Browse the videos below and enjoy listening to our team members as they taste and share their thoughts on the new releases! 


Step 2. Enjoy the Show! 
Download our recipes and games to create the ultimate “night in” experience. Don’t forget to check your goodies bag for special treats and codes for even more added fun!


Step 3. Book your own Virtual Tasting. 
Our team was happy to share their experience with you and would love to bring that to your homes with a private Virtual Tasting Experience. Find more information HERE

Downloadable Content


Recipes to pair with each wine


Simple & fun wine games

tasting notes

Notes for each of the new wines

zoom cards

Virtual Tasting essentials

The following


have been approved for

All Audiences

2019 "Reserve" Viognier

2017 "wild one" Cabernet Franc

2017 "Mr Big" Petite Sirah

2018 "Purple Reign" Grenache

2018 "Big Shot" Tempranillo


Many of these wines will sell out quickly so grab your favorites while you can!

Virtual Tastings

Sign up for a Virtual Tasting Experience with one of our ANC Team Members!

Wine Movie & Theater Posters

Are you able to guess the movies and plays that were the inspiration for the posters below? 

There’s always a chance it’ll get shared right here on our website or social media! (). 

“I belong to a lot of wine clubs in Washington, and I would have to say that membership with Alexandria Nicole is the most fun.”

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