Commercial Wine on Tap System

Increase wine by the glass pours with a kegged wine system

Transform your wine by the glass program

Award winning wines on tap available for your restaurant, brewery, tavern, event venue, or catering business.

Quicker Service

Wine service is much more efficient. No corks to pull! Improves your guest experience with less wait time, while increasing  your wine by the glass sales between 20-25%. A fresh glass of wine every time for your customers, wine exactly as our winemaking team intended from the barrel to your glass…No oxidation, no wasted wine.

The Benefits of Wine on Tap

One re-usable keg holds the equivalent of 26 bottles. Wine on tap is better for your profits and more beneficial for our planet. Premium wine is “pushed” out of a keg by inert gases: gases that preserve the wines as they flow out of the keg. Lowers your waste and garbage expenses.

Wine Draft System: Your Low-maintenance Friend

Wine draft system parts are different than beer draft system parts. The high acidity and higher alcohol in wine keeps the wine lines cleaner for longer than a beer line.

How it Works

You provide the keg fittings. We provide the wine. No fuss.

Time to Tap into Wine

Contact us for a list of our keg equipment partners. The cost of the wine, draft system is the responsibility of the restaurant. Remember: because there is no waste nor spoilage of wine from a keg the cost of the installation will in many cases be covered by the profit from the first few kegs sold –  typically in less than 6 months.

We will be happy to hook you up some of the best resources to get you started. Already have your own equipment? Then let’s talk wine!

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