March Madness

mattie balling
Our Mattie girl playing ball 

March is WA Wine Month but this year I’m feeling more synergy with “March Madness”, you know the a phrase that conjures up thoughts of a basketball bracket you can bet on and basketball makes me think of my favorite little basketball star, our daughter, Matti.

Born in March she seemed to take to it naturally and while she’s always been a petite little thing you’d better watch out because the girl could play. I digress,  “the point” of this post is just to say that this year we are in a zone of our own.

Our bracket, starts with a healthy line up of events (most importantly our daughters birthday) and some special time with friends which then ratchets up to the elite eight, with the completion of our remodeling projects at the Prosser Tasting Room… fingers crossed.

pops at the tasting room expansion
“Where’d everybody go? My father in law, always left holding the biggest bag.”


Leading up to the final 4, which includes getting “The Estate” furnished and ready, preparing for the Tiny Houses build, launch our “Hard Core” Cider and …. the ultimate goal, getting my hair cut! Ok, so it’s not exactly like the collegiate bracket but you get my point right? And you have to trust me when I say it’s a full court press and at times… madness.

The crazy fun kind.



ali and mattie
This wasn’t my face after I found out the news about the missing flight.



You will all be happy to know that our team is looking strong.  We have a solid line up of players including my family (which is still talking) after darling girl’s brief but eventful birthday trip home from Alabama, which was extended by a couple days because she missed her flight home (it happens- at least in this family.)


jarrod and mattie

Jarrod & Matti. Happy Birthday sweet pea. We love you MOSTEST!


So, as I sip on hot lemon water (summer is coming) I feel energized.  There is a lot to do but we have such an incredible team and a pretty solid plan for success and it feels exciting… in an overwhelming way, but I think that’s ok. Right?

Note to self : I should always blog early in the day, it goes so much faster prior to vino. Pretty sure that idea a slam dunk!



Ali aka Winemaker’s wife

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  1. Kelly Loya

    Great story Alli…and what a beautiful pair you and Mattie make!

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