Perfect for home or events.

award winning wines on tap

Perfect for large events, weddings and if you are the social house, Wine Parties! Each keg holds 26 bottles or 130 5oz glass pours. Kegged wine stays fresh for 3 months.

Increase the speed of service at weddings and events while dramatically reducing your event packaging waste.

No matter what your wine drinking habits are at home we have you covered. Want a glass or two of wine on Tuesday and don’t want to open bottle? Wine on tap is the perfect solution. Our wine club members receive a 15% discount on kegged wine.

Fill a wine bottle right off the tap. Take those bottles with you or share them with friends!

Did you have a beer kegerator in your 20’s and now your wife wants to upgrade your taps?

Reduce neighborhood judgement day… AKA recycling day…Tap a keg!

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