Destiny Ridge Vineyard

We are fortunate to have Destiny Ridge, our very own estate vineyard. This unique asset guarantees that our founder, Jarrod L. Boyle, working hand in hand with Mother Nature, maintains complete control over the quality of our fruits from bud to bottle. Our belief- which is a constant found among the greatest wines around the world- is that quality begins in the vineyard.

Vine Country

Perched high on the bluffs and overlooking the stunning Columbia River, our growing 267-acre estate vineyard is located in the renowned Horse Heaven Hills Appellation. Here, on this dominant ridge, our grapes thrive in the distinct soils and climatic conditions of the Horse Heaven Hills. Coupled with passionate winemaking, we consistently ensure quality in every bottle through attentive viticultural management, maintaining balanced crop levels, and using gentle and sustainable methods for hand-harvesting and processing grapes.

Production & Winery

Substainable Farming

Varieties Grown at Destiny Ridge

Fruit not used to craft Alexandria Nicole Cellars wines is sold to other wineries under contract. We have 22 varietals planted and here are just a few:



Sauvignon Blanc









Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Franc

Petit Verdot

Weather statistics Horse Heaven Hills AVA

Growing Degree Days: 3157.6°F | Total Rainfall: 5.46 in
Average Air Temp: 52.9°F | Low Air Temp:-0.2°F | High Air Temp: 108.5°F
Average Diurnal Shift: 22.4°F
Average Windspeed: 6.5 mph | High Windspeed: 42.4 mph
Average Soil Temp: 58°F | Low Soil Temp: 19.3°F | High Soil Temp: 97.9°F

Terroir at Destiny Ridge Vineyard

The sun, soil, slope, wind and water make our spot unique as a growing area for wine grapes. The Horse Heaven Hills American Viticultural Area is in Southeastern Washington, and is part of the larger Columbia Valley AVA. The HHH AVA borders the Yakima Valley AVA on the North and the Columbia River on the South. Elevation in this AVA ranges from 200 feet above sea level in the South to 1,800 feet above sea level at the Northern boundary. Destiny Ridge Vineyard sits at 850 feet above sea level.

The grapes planted in the South-facing slopes of the HHH benefit from strong winds that arrive from the West via the Columbia River Gorge. The wind reduces the likelihood of rot and fungal diseases taking hold and our slope combines with the wind to keep frost at bay. We enjoy very hot days and much cooler nights (diurnal shift), that gives our fruit, intense fruitiness and bright but balanced acidity. The soil at Destiny Ridge Vineyard varies depending on where you are at in the vineyard.

We enjoy five unique topography areas within our vineyard alone. This includes clay, limestone, schist (medium sized mineral rocks), and gravel along with sandy topsoils. Because the HHH has a rainfall of only 6-8 inches per year (dry as the Gobi Desert), we irrigate from the Columbia River bringing water to the barren hillsides.

All of these components help us cultivate fruit we craft into balanced, complex, age-able wines that showcase our unique growing area.


The hills of Destiny Ridge Vineyard are geologic folds in the earth’s crust which are responsible for the consistent winds that blow across the land. The windy climate is part of what makes the Horse Heaven Hills appellation distinct from the large Columbia Valley appellation that surrounds it. Wind lowers the risk of vineyard disease and pests, while at the same time stressing the vines by drying them out. Add quick-draining soils of silty loam to the mix of vineyard characteristics and the need for irrigation becomes even more pronounced. Drip irrigation is the canopy-management tool of choice to control the vigor of the vines at Destiny Ridge Vineyard.

In addition to its distinctive topography, Destiny Ridge Vineyard benefits from its proximity to the Columbia River. Although it sits approximately 800 feet above the river, the vineyard is relieved of temperature extremes suffered elsewhere in the Columbia Valley AVA – thanks to the modifying effects of the river (with its stirring of air currents) and the sloping of the land toward the river (draining cold air away from the vines).

All these factors help produce intense-flavored grapes with a structural balance of sugars and acids. Attentive viticultural and enological management – including balancing crop levels and gentle processing of grapes – completes the formula behind consistently excellent harvests and wines from Destiny Ridge Vineyard.