May Wine Club Release Update

While we were planning for our May Wine Club Release the COVID-19 crisis was also ramping up and given the incredibly serious situation it posed to all of you as well as our team we made the decision to hold off until we had a better understanding of what was going on. Since that time (in early February) we have received an overwhelming amount of requests so we'll be releasing our spring/summer allocation in June! We are hopeful that the extra month provided a little extra time for everyone to…

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Delivery and Carryout Options during COVID

Due to the COVID-19 crisis all locations are closed for in person tastings until Washington’s social distancing restrictions begin to relax.   We appreciate your understanding and hope that it will still work for you to come join us soon!  In the meantime, each location is providing curbside pickup and delivery! Please contact the location nearest you to place an order. As always,  we also offer online ordering shipped directly to your home.  Sign up for our email newsletter to receive information about all of our specials and announcements for…

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Happy Sangria Sunday

It is Washington Wine Month where we celebrate our amazing Washington Wines. Today we are celebrating with our Shepherds Mark Sangria. This is a great twist on sangria with white wine and peaches. Refreshing an perfect for a brunch, lunch, or lounge on the patio. About our Shepherds Mark In the early 1900’s, pioneering Sheepherders left their mark on the Horse Heaven Hills in the form of Rock Monuments. These monuments, with many still standing along the ridge line of our Estate Vineyard, Destiny Ridge Vineyard, were used for marker identification,…

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Tiny House, Big Wine

We pride ourselves on providing "cutting edge" experiences for their wine club members. We are thrilled that we will be receiving national coverage on HGTV Tiny House, Big Living.

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Almost a month has passed since my last post.  I hope you can forgive me? Being married to the winemaker has always been exciting but this past month has been even wilder than normal. I've been busy... so busy that countless exciting things have gone undocumented. Isn't that always the case with some of life's sweetest moments. They are so big and real and raw that we are forced to just be present knowing that although pictures and journaling will be great, they can't do it justice. Maybe it is during…

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Is it time?

For barrel tasting? Why indeed it is!!! Eastern Washington is all abuzz with folks looking forward to savoring what the barrels have been nurturing. Nothing like a sneak peek into the future to remind you of why patience is a virtue. Right? It is like trying to predict what a teenager will end up being like as an adult. Tricky. At best! But it's fun because they're so rugged and raw. Some will stay this way while others integrate beautifully with their surroundings becoming elegant masterpieces.  I am totally talking…

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April Showers

It’s raining outside. That usually helps me sleep but tonight the rain feels symbolic to the downpour in my own head.  I've always loved April,  because of Easter, and now it’s even more special as it’s one of my sister in laws names and the month that two of their birthdays fall in! Oh how I love these incredible ladies. Seriously.  They are amazing.  They bless me in so many ways not to mention the fact that they have little ones for me to adore, which was totally no trouble for them.…

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March Madness

Our Mattie girl playing ball March is WA Wine Month but this year I'm feeling more synergy with "March Madness", you know the a phrase that conjures up thoughts of a basketball bracket you can bet on and basketball makes me think of my favorite little basketball star, our daughter, Matti. Born in March she seemed to take to it naturally and while she's always been a petite little thing you'd better watch out because the girl could play. I digress,  "the point" of this post is just to say that this…

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It’s Party Time Woody!

After getting those little cuties all snuggled I decided (since I'm up already) why not start writing my thank you's to the many friends and wine club members that made my weekend so special by attending our wine release party?

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