Patience Grasshopper

Can’t stand all this love!

Patience is not my strong suit so sometimes I have to remind myself of its benefits.  For instance on days like today when the sun is out and I want it to be summer already! So on days like this I try to force myself to slow down and remember that all good things take time. Like babies and puppies=)) and of course WINE!


Reminding myself that the vines like to wake up slowly (which I can totally appreciate) and that the wines crafted from vines that experiencing all four seasons are more well-rounded (aka – better) then those that don’t. Oh, the comparisons I could make. But I’ll leave those alone –for now.  The harshness of winter mitigates many of the pests that attach vines in more temperate regions and the slow spring allows for even growth and optimal canopy management, while the heat of summer dehydrates the berries, which reduces their skin to juice ratio. All the while our windy AVA is toughening up those skins providing bold tannins. Yes, the stresses of wind and heat dehydrate the berry and with less juice in the grape, the more intense flavors which makes them…wait for it… better! Much too quickly autumn follows and the integration of those flavors occurs resulting in harvest followed by the cold of winter. Winter completely shuts the vine down thus providing some much appreciated time off and then they start all over again. With renewed vigor and strength, they never seem to tire of the process.  Bless um.


Ok. I am feeling better.  Now I just want a glass of wine.  Don’t worry there is plenty for you too.  And in a few days I will get to enjoy one with many of you at our Wine Club Spring Allocation Release Party!  I think you are going to love them as much as we do.  Maybe knowing the long journey they have been on to find you will encourage you to take a moment to savor this “lost art of patience.” For those who are not able to join us, do not worry we will wait for you. For those of you that aren’t Wine Club members, please a moment to ask yourself “why the heck not”?

Is that seriously an H in the sky? Or maybe 2 crosses from our angel... <3
Is that seriously an H in the sky? Or maybe 2 crosses from our angel.


I mean seriously how better to celebrate our fast paced lives then with a glass of wine that reminds us ~ that slowing down can be a beautiful thing.


Stay tuned for our food pairing blog with our new releases and our very own Therron’s culinary thief cookbook.  So much fun!

Until then, the spring release debut…..

Hope to see you soon!


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  1. Tracy Wertman

    Loved the post Ali! Happy release party weekend.

  2. Melodie

    Who doesn’t love puppies and wine?

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