It’s Party Time Woody!


Today I woke up at 3am.  Blame the puppies or the cold weather that had us worried about them. But once we were done running sleepy eyed fur balls from the kennel to the garage I couldn’t get back to sleep.  So I decided to call it a morning!  As I turned on the teapot I was thinking… I’m crazy…or weirder yet “a morning person?”

It would be easy to pin the fact that I’ve given up on sleeping in entirely but I accept that it’s been part of our journey into the life of farming and now just more habit then anything.

After getting those little cuties all snuggled I decided (since I’m up already) why not start writing my thank you’s to the many friends and wine club members that made my weekend so special by attending our wine release party?   Seemed like a good idea since it would probably take me more than a few days to get all those suckers done. I started to reflect on the party and our members and seeing some of the members that have been with us since the beginning that have now become more then members, they are great friends and all people we look forward to seeing.

11021093_10152647126695079_4510499474436670917_n We truly enjoyed cutting a rug with everyone and seeing everyone participate in our lover’s ball throwback prom theme.

Our members and employees alike put so much time and passion into these events that it’s impossible not to be excited each year. But often my excitement starts just right before the party when you’re locked in the office changing, (hoping you don’t get a surprise visit) considering the week leading up to the party is pretty busy (a word I’m trying to give up but dang it, sometimes it just fits).

With that said Jarrod and I still truly enjoy these most.  This part of our job where we get to see people unwind and enjoy life and WINE  which makes it all worth it to us!  We love to share our journey and our passion with other like minds and I don’t mind a bit seeing my dearest husband break out moves on the dance floor either.  It makes for good stories later.  So, thank you!!

Yeah YOU,  for supporting us and this wild wine adventure.


So until we meet again,



Ali (aka Winemakers Wife)


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  1. Debbie and Brad Kelly

    We had a wonderful time. Thank you so much

    1. AliB

      Thank you for coming and cheers for many more too come!

  2. shanah

    When we are neighbors in the next life we can drink tea and write thank you notes together at 3am. Xoxo

    1. AliB

      Looking forward to it!

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