12 Days of Christmas Wine

We are so excited for the holidays that we just cannot wait! So we have started to celebrate the season today. We are offering one special per day for 12 days. On the 1st Day of Christmas is Merlot. On the 2nd Day of Christmas is a2 Cab. On the third day 12% off Shepherd Mark.

2014 Black Friday Specials

Happy Holidays to all our friends and family. We invite you to enjoy these Black Friday Specials. Please feel free to share with your friends. We are offering 50% off cases of our award winning 2012 Riesling for our wine club members. We also have great specials in our tasting rooms and online.
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Makin’ Bacon

You love it right? Bacon makes everything better. And actually that is my favorite part of the end of harvest BBQ. But if you're curious about who buys the piggy. Here's the scoop. What the heck is a Pig Point? During harvest, there are many long days that lead to the occasional mishap so in my husband's infinite wisdom he started making a game out of them!
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