“Friends with Benefits”
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  • 10% discount on Classic wines
  • Special Friends with Benefits invites and annual events
  • Minimum 4 bottle purchases of your choosing annually
  • No annual fees
  • Regular communication regarding upcoming events at all of our locations

Our Friends with Benefits program allows Fans of our wine to receive the friendship perk of an extra discount without having to commit to a membership! By signing up for Alexandria Nicole Cellars’ “Friends with Benefits” you will receive a 10% discount on Alexandria Nicole Cellars’ Classic wine series without having to commit to scheduled releases.

Friends with Benefits Fans need only purchase a minimum of 4 bottles each calendar year to remain in “active” status. This program is perfect for anyone who envisions enjoying 4 or more bottles of Alexandria Nicole Cellars’ wine annually and isn’t worried about missing out on Wine Club wines or Members Only events.

Should you fall out of active status, you will be notified via email. If you would like to remain active at that time, you can then purchase online or visit one of our tasting rooms to easily re-establish your Friends with Benefits perks on your next visit.

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“I belong to a lot of wine clubs in Washington, and I would have to say that membership with Alexandria Nicole is the most fun.”

Wino Magazine