About our Service Charge

ANC is committed to creating a fair and equitable workplace for everyone on our team.  We value each and every person on our team, from the vineyard crew who carefully prunes the vines, to the cellar crews who meticulously tend the wines, to the tasting room team member who delivers an exceptional experience. To help ensure that this is happening we have chosen to implement a service charge.

The charge ranges from 4%-7% and increases incrementally until it caps off at a max of $21 service charge.

This charge also helps cover some of the unforeseen costs associated with ever changing regulations due to COVID restrictions and requirements. 

We understand that guests are also adjusting to the new world of service charges. Rather than add a 20% service charge like many restaurants, we value our guests’ wishes to continue voluntarily tipping their server.  Our hope is that by keeping this fee lower, you’ll feel better about the 4%-7% service charge helping enable us to offer equitable and competitive compensation to all staff as well as cover a portion of the additional costs due to recent regulations.

The entirety of the service charge is retained by the company. Additional gratuities for exceptional service are greatly appreciated by the Tasting Room Teams.

Please note that if you feel that your experience does not warrant this charge, please ask a manager for a refund of the service charge.

You may also reach us at

We appreciate your patronage and support of local wineries!


Why don’t we raise our prices instead of adding a service charge?

We have found our guests prefer to voluntarily tip
servers & bartenders. Raising prices sufficiently to achieve our goal
of equitable wages to all staff, results in a larger cost to guests.

Example #1: Food and beverage sales priced at $100 are raised to
$110, to allow for higher wages to all non-tipped employees. 
The guest voluntarily tips on $110, resulting in a total cost of $132 (assuming a 20% tip)

Example #2: Food and beverage sales remain at $100 and a
$6 service charge is included in the sale. It is now customary to tip on the $100 sale,
rather than $106, as our servers and bartenders now retain 100% of all voluntary tips.
The total cost to our guest is $126 (assuming a 20% tip)

We appreciate your patronage and support of local wineries!