'Guess Who' Baby Picture Answers

Directions: Move the arrows ↔ on each picture left or right to see our employee’s past & present pictures.

Jarrod 4Jarrod Current 4

Jarrod Boyle – Owner & Winemaker

Therron 4Therron Current 4

Therron Phillips – Prosser Manager

Mattisen 4Mattisen Current 4

Mattisen Boyle – Social Media

Di 4Di Current 4

Di Holt – Prosser Team Member

Ashley 4Ashley Current 4

Ashley Anderson – Wine Club Manager

Matt 4Matt Current 4

Matt Bergeron – Prosser Team Member

Carol 4Carol Current 4

Carol Osborne – Woodinville Team Member

Kim 4Kim Current 4

Kim Oakeson – Admin Assistant

Rich 4Rich Current 4

Rich Janshen – Wine on Tap Architech

Kassi 4Kassi Current 4

Kassi Hanson – Wine Club 

Frank 4Frank Current 4

Frank Huber – National Sales Manager

Maria 2 4Maria Current 4

Maria Sloan – Audacity Manager

Jordyn 4Jordyn Current 4

Jordyn Janshen – Woodinville Team Member

Melissa 4Melissa Current 4

Melissa Hurtado – Wine Club 

Nicole 4Nicole Current 4

Nicole Nutter – Prosser Team Member

Mae 4Mae Current 4

Mae Bentley – Woodinville Team Member

KyleKyle Current

Kyle Pearson – Graphic Design

Vanessa 4Vanessa Current 4

Vanessa McDonald – Woodinville Team Member

Beverly 4Beverly Current 4

Bev Kosanovich – Woodinville Team Member

Kolten 4Kolten Current 4

Kolten Boyle – Rockstar

Sarah 4Sarah Current 4

Sarah Maddox – Controller

Wible 4Wible Current 4

Jared Wible – Admin Manager

Additional October Wine Club Release details can be found at our FAQ’s page.

“I belong to a lot of wine clubs in Washington, and I would have to say that membership with Alexandria Nicole is the most fun.”

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