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Tiny House, Big Wine

We pride ourselves on providing "cutting edge" experiences for their wine club members. We know you want to be provided the best experience we can give you. Sometimes those ideas grow from a tiny idea to a tiny house. We are thrilled that we will be receiving national coverage on HGTV Tiny House, Big Living. So turn on the television or press the record button! On Monday, August 3, you can watch the transformation of our previous glamping experience into a much more upscale "tiny house" experience for our wine club members to enjoy.
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Almost a month has passed since my last post.  I hope you can forgive me? Being married to the winemaker has always been exciting but this past month has been even wilder than normal.

I’ve been busy… so busy that countless exciting things have gone undocumented. Isn’t that always the case with some of life’s sweetest moments. They are so big and real and raw that we are forced to just be present knowing that although […]

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Is it time?

For barrel tasting? Why indeed it is!!!
Eastern Washington is all abuzz with folks looking forward to savoring what the barrels have been nurturing. Nothing like a sneak peek into the future to remind you of why patience is a virtue. Right? It is like trying to predict what a teenager will end up being like as an adult. Tricky. At best! But it’s fun because they’re so rugged and raw. Some will stay this way […]

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