March Madness

Our Mattie girl big ballin’ March is WA Wine Month but this year I feel more synergy with “March Madness” a phrase that conjures up thoughts of basketball and my favorite little basketball star, our daughter Matti.

Born in March she seemed to take to it naturally and while she’s always been a petite little thing you’d better watch out because the girl can dribble. Anyway, “the point” of this post is just to say that this […]

It’s Party Time Woody!

After getting those little cuties all snuggled I decided (since I'm up already) why not start writing my thank you's to the many friends and wine club members that made my weekend so special by attending our wine release party?

Patience Grasshopper

Patience is not my strong suit so sometimes I have to remind myself of its benefits. For instance on days like today when the sun is out and I want it to be summer already! So on days like this I try to force myself to slow down and remember that all good things take time. Like babies and puppies=)) and of course WINE!