Wine Club Releases

Our Wine Club Release Schedule

Alexandria Nicole Wine Club members receive wine club allocations three times a year.  The three general timeframes listed below.  They do vary slightly from year to year as harvest and production determine when we can bottle and how long each wine should be cellared prior to release.

  • February 
  • June
  • October

All Wine Club Members have up until 30 days of the upcoming release date to make changes to their account (ie: reds only from reds and whites &/or changing your pick up location or preference) at that point the wines are being pulled from inventory and changes will be applied to the following shipment.

Members that have selected to have their wine releases shipped to them, will receive an electronic invoice once your wines have been charged.  Those “Ship-To” Wine Club Members will have their wines shipped prior to the wine club release at the tasting rooms. We do this to allow for transit time in an attempt to have all our members able to enjoy the newest selection at approximately the same time!

Late Wine Release Pick-Ups

Due to limited storage space at our tasting rooms we are limited in the amount of time that we can hold the wines.  So if you have chosen to “Pick-Up” your wine (either the Woodinville tasting room or the Prosser tasting room) we will have it available for you 6 weeks after it is released and then at that time we’ll happily ship it to you using your credit card on file, unless other arrangements are made.  To request a special exception please send your email to [email protected] and we will do our best to honor them.