Wind Spires at Destiny Ridge Vineyard

Our Wind Spires

Alexandria Nicole Cellars takes the next step in sustainability by installing 20 wind spires at their Estate Vineyard, Destiny Ridge.

Why Wind ?

Wind and Wine.  The combination was a logical one for Winemaker and CEO, Jarrod Boyle.  “We are continually striving to decrease our environmental footprint and being along the Columbia River we have an abundance of wind, so it seemed like great way to take the next step in being self-sustainable”. Boyle, who began sustainable farming practices in 2007, also recycles, doesn’t use foils and even his vineyard Jose’ Yanez, enjoys making furniture from all of their used barrels.  All this combined with “Glamping” (glamor – camping) helps put Alexandria Nicole Cellars and Destiny Ridge Vineyard on the environmentally conscious consumer’s map.