Jose Luis Yanez

Jose has worked his entire life in agriculture, growing up working in row crops and orchards. He has acquired a number of skills that range from mechanics to heavy equipment operations.foreman_photo

Jose joined Destiny Ridge Vineyard in 2000 and trained directly under Jarrod Boyle, where he learned viticulture practices ranging from pruning, trellising, canopy and irrigation management, grapevine fertilization and mineral nutrition, plant propagation and selection, pest management and disease control, pesticide use and other vineyard management practices. Because there is increased concern about the environment and health, viticulturists today often work with government regulations—Jose has become a certified safety trainer for chemical handling and has his pesticide license.

Destiny Ridge Vineyard has received several quality incentive bonuses and is paid, on average, a high amount for their fruit due to its quality. Jose understands the agricultural economics of producing premium fruit. Jose is passionate about his work and focuses on quality because he realizes that you cannot make great wines with inferior fruit.

It is for this dedication in the vineyard and to the wines that Jarrod asked Jose to put his name on every label produced. “It takes a team of dedicated and devoted people to create world-class wines from the dirt to the bottle, and Jose is an intricate part of that team,” says Jarrod. Jose knows that he has to make the right decision in the vineyard every day to assure the rest of the team can take that fruit and create magic in the bottle.

Jose lives on the farm with his wife, Ceilia, and their children.