Liquor Control Board has some amazingly fun rules and regulations regarding shipping ; the links are below.  We’ve included the most recent information below, as well as links to websites that can provide you with more detailed information. BUT here’s the drill.  If we CANNOT ship to your state please give us a call (509.786.3497) as there is a local wine shop (Bonnie’s Vine and Gift ) that carries our wines and they can ship to additional states.  So weird! There are a total of 15 states that we can ship to currently.

  • Alaska
  • Colorado
  • DC- 1 case per person per month
  • Florida
  • Georgia- on site
  • Idaho
  • Kansas- on site
  • Minnesota- 2 cases per month per consumer
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • North Carolina- 2 cases per consumer per month
  • Oregon – 2 cases per consumer per month
  • Rhode Island – A reasonable quantity – on site
  • Tennessee

If the state that you are hoping to have wine shipped to doesn’t have text off to the side that means that it is an EASY to ship to state if it does have text it just means that we have to work within the constraints that are set up by that state.