Jose' with Wine Barrel Bench

Here Jose’ is pictured next to one of his newest creations “The Beach Chair”.

Jose’s Barrel Furniture project is a great way to get custom wine barrel furniture. Crafting custom furniture is just one more way Jose’ shows us that he can do almost anything !

All one needs to do is to show him a picture and immediately he says “I can do that”.

Jose’s “Can Do” spirit provides us with an ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY (as opposed to burning the barrels) way to repurpose our barrels while PROVIDING WORK during the slow times.

If you ask him he will tell you that while he loves the chance to put his carpentry skills to work during the slow times and it’s good for the earth & he enjoys giving people the opportunity to stay on when things are slow in the vineyard and we would normally have to lay them off.

The following price list (and hopefully soon to come photo’s) are just some of the pieces that he can make so if you know of something specific and you don’t see it here please ask because if time and supplies allow I’m sure Jose’ and the guys can make it for you.


Dog Bed : $ 120

Bench: $ 108

Vanity: $195

Mini Bar (no racks : $180)

Mini Bar with racks: $225

Wine Rack- triple stage: $98

Bar Stool with back : $ 168

Bar Stool without back: $108

Small table: $125

Glass Rack: $95

Beach chair for 2: $145

Oversized chair: $120 each or 2 for $220

If you are interested in owning one of these beautiful pieces please contact the Prosser Tasting Room @ 509.786.3497.